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New Album Released!


New Books

Here is what I am currently working on
  • I am currently writing Gita 101: Understanding and Living the Bhagavad-Gita because the Bhagavad-Gita is a cardinal text for all yoga traditions. Numerous people have heard of the Gita and yet many do not understand it. At least that was the case when I first shop-lifted a Penguin Editions of the book at the Cornell University bookstore when I was twenty. I quickly put the book down because

  • Monk Until Monday: karma, sex-drive and how I managed is a memoir about my religious conversion to Bhakti-yoga and, in my specific case, about my years as a monk and full-time volunteer in the Hare Krishna movement. From the beaches of St.Tropez to bathing in the Ganges in West Bengal to dusty parking lots of Beastie Boys concerts in Midwest America, Monk Until Monday describes the conflict between my...

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